2 March, 2021


In 2021, VDTG FOOD has expanded its operations into high-quality value added products, covering both seafood and agriculture products. With over 12-year experience in manufacturing and exporting pangasius and products from pangasius, we are proud to be able to export our products directly to markets around the world, especially high-requirement markets such as the US and EU. Our products are processed in the closed-loop production chain from fingerling, farming, processing to exporting consumption channels in order to control the fish quality from the beginning of production process. VDTG has achieved BAP 4 stars for feed, hatchery and nursery, farm and factory. In addition, VDTG has been licensed to export Fish meal/Fish oil to China. Those new milestones help VDTG expand the developing path in coming years.

GRILLED PANGASIUS KABAYAKI – Fish is glazed with amazing sweet and savory flavor of Kabayaki sauce. It is tender, flaky, and delicious down to the last bite.