13 January, 2021


Estalished in 2007, VDTG FOOD EXPORT COMPANY was oriented to specialize in food production for export. After 14 years of constant improving, VDTG is supplying worldwide consumers with various product lines, including frozen fish fillet, breaded, pre-fried and grilled fish as well as snacks such as fish skin crisps and dried fruits.

The year of 2021 is a milestone for VDTG as we have started the operations in our 06 new workshops, located in a 3-floor building. Each floor consists of 2 workshops, all equipped with modern semi-auto machineries, which will process cold water seafood such as cod, pollock, shrimp, squid, etc. and produce value-added products from those species. The designed capacity of the new workshops amounts up to 50MTs of finished products per day. In January 2021, the first loads of pollock and cod will be processed in VDTG’s new workshop.

The expansion of VDTG’s scope and scale has attracted customers who are interested in long term cooperation and business relationship with the company.

To accompany the critical investment in tools and equipment in production, VDTG has grown an innovative and professional R&D team, who can react instantly to market’s change and provide customers with practical solutions.

Please contact us via sales@vdtgfood.com for further information.

GRILLED PANGASIUS KABAYAKI – Fish is glazed with amazing sweet and savory flavor of Kabayaki sauce. It is tender, flaky, and delicious down to the last bite.